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Enthusiastic Network Marketer with a background in Financial Planning, Venture Capital, Stock and Crypto Trading, Real Estate and, of course Network Marketing.

I am the co-founder for a number of Ad-Income network marketing programs and take a lot of proud helping my teams to succeed.

It truly is possible to earn a part time or even full time income in the network marketing world but it has to be approached as a business, not a hobby.

My strategies show people how to build an ever growing, funded advertising portfolio that can not only provide you massive amounts of exposure but can create a solid passive and active income for you.

My success is derived from the success of my team and I strive to provide the leadership and simple steps for us all to succeed.

I'm a healthy, happy Baby Boomer who is proud "Poppa" to a beautiful granddaughter, her Mom (my daughter) and her Dad (my fantastic son-in-law). Yep, I'm a lucky guy!
There are turbulent financial, economic and political times ahead of us. You can prepare best by building your own income and security and not rely on big companies or the government.

And, always, ALWAYS remember, it's #neverevertoolate to make the changes and improvements in your life that you've always wanted to act upon. NEVER too Late!

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