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🏡 Investments In GOLD Vs Investments In Real Estate

Published on 06-26-2022 11:06:47 PM by Mikael Gustavsson

In such a difficult time for everyone, more and more people ask, what is better to invest money in? 💵

There are two assets that often remain leaders in these disputes - gold 🌟 and real estate 🏘

Indeed, both of them have many similar

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The Fed is lying: It has not ended quantitative easing QE, but expanded it

Published on 04-19-2022 06:04:37 AM by Mikael Gustavsson

Analyst Graham Summers states in an article that the Fed did not end its QE program, but rather expanded it in secret. Nor, he says, has it shifted from an expansionary to a restrictive monetary policy. "So again, Fed officials are absolute liars," Summers said.

Analyst Graham Summers

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Why buy gold?

Published on 04-02-2022 06:04:32 AM by Mikael Gustavsson

Hey Mikael here . . .

Why buy gold?


Because we live in a fiat-based financial system where the currency represents debts instead of value. It is not backed by gold or anything since 1971.


In fact,

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You can cry 😭 or you can put your money to work!

Published on 02-20-2022 02:02:44 AM by Mikael Gustavsson

Matt Barkes and the Mintbuilder team just stepped it up to a whole new level….

You’re talking about qualifying for the Lifestyle and Car Bonus with just 5

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Getting Gold & Silver at No Charge with MintBuilder!

Published on 12-30-2021 05:12:18 AM by Mikael Gustavsson

Imagine Getting Gold & Silver at No Charge!

Of course that sounds too good to be true right?

Sure, but with MintBuilder you NOW have the ability to do just that!

Please allow me to elaborate...

You see, all you have to do is simply share with

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