What if you could own real assets that beat the markets?

Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 03-30-2021 11:03:11 AM

Gold and Silver have traditionally been a great store of value and a hedge in hard times and many analysts are very optimistic about its future.

Negative interest rates, quantitative easing (“money printing”) and federal debt and deficits affected gold substantially in the past.Utopian Global makes buying precious metals secure, fast and easy. 

There are five things you need to understand before making a purchase with Utopian Global: Utopian Global gives you direct access to gold, silver and collectibles. 

No need to worry about fakes, frauds or counterfeits. Utopian Global gives you institutional pricing. Due to our relationships with the top Referee Refinery in the World Argor Heraeus, we can offer prices that NO one else can. 

Utopian Global is secure, fast, and as easy. You can register on our website, KYC (Know your Customer) validate your account, and buy precious metals in under five minutes with Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Litecoin or E-wallet.  

Utopian Global gives you peace of mind that your investments are safe. Every order is independently audited, insured and your precious metals remain protected in the Argor Heraeus Refinery and or the Loomis secure vault in Switzerland. 

Utopian Global is always innovating. From savings with our AutoShip program to getting paid to save through our Referral program, 

Utopian Global continues to provide the latest innovation in diversification outside the banking system.

With Utopian Global you become your Own Bank.

Now at Utopian Global we can’t predict the future, but the past has been kind to these who value gold and hold gold in their accounts.

Get started today with your precious metals account today.

To learn how to get paid to save in Gold and Silver...get started TODAY: https://utopianglobal.com?ref=migu

How to purchase?

With the Utopian Global Gold & Silver Purchase Programs you can accumulate precious metals from as low as 25 Euros - or as high as you wish.

When your payment is processed you are allocated the amount of gold or silver available for that sum, minus a 3% margin. The pricing is based on the Argor - Heraeus Swiss Refinery LBMA BUY price.

...get started TODAY: https://forms.aweber.com/form/38/1589955538.htm

~ Mikael

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