Why buy gold?

Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 04-02-2022 06:04:32 AM

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Why buy gold?


Because we live in a fiat-based financial system where the currency represents debts instead of value. It is not backed by gold or anything since 1971.


In fact, the world is in debts of 300 TRILLION $$ (to who, ????), and that’s what your paper currency represents. 


It is a carefully-crafted slavery system. 

Now here’s the kicker: getting back to solid gold gets you out of the central banking system and you start owning real value! If it’s good for governments and banks to buy gold, it certainly is also for you.


Then, it can provides stability and security for you, your family and those you care about.

Because the truth is, the banking system is on survival mode since the 2008 economic crash and it can crash again at any time.


The various waves of Quantitative Easing have created a HUGE amount of new money that may lead to hyper-inflation (although it’s not that simple after searching about this).

Everybody is losing trust in the dollar. 


Russians and Chinese are selling their US$ to buy massive stocks of gold or anything that has tangible value.


Many countries are also now starting to trade between countries in various currencies and totally bypass the dollar.


We’re entering a period of massive turmoil. What could happen?

One problem is that the US currency is backing up all other currencies within the current system so this affects everybody. 


The US government can recall any and all gold coins it has issued and sold. 

There could be hyper-inflation like in Mexico in 1983. 


How did they solve it?


By taking 3 ‘0’s out of the currency; many people lost a LOT.


Or there could be hyperinflation like in Germany in 1923 where someone would break into your house, steal your shoes and leave the pile of cash on the floor.


Or perhaps history magically won’t repeat itself and the economy will remain stable.


Gold, however, throughout the last few thousands of years, has always maintained a stable purchasing power. 


It is much more reliable than paper currency, especially in period of turmoil.

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See you on the inside! ;-)

To your MASSIVE success in 2022!!
~ Mikael

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