Here is an easy way to get a little free traffic!

Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 02-07-2023 10:02:57 PM

I like this...

I think because the concept is so simple..

If you want some free traffic, click here on this link

Here's how it works:

Once you click on our link, you will see an ad board, and at

the top is our ad, now once you post your ad, you will get a

link like ours with your ad placed firmly at the top.

So every time you share your link, visitors will see your ad

at the top, and if someone you share your link with decides

they want to post a free ad, once they do, they will get a

link the same way you did..

And the best part is...

Anyone you send to your link that also creates an Ad is

flagged as your referral, and any time they send visitors to

their own link, your Ad is shown immediately below their

Featured Ad.

This is repeated on the next level down for their referrals

as well. And that process is repeated down through six


So when any of those people send visitors to view

their AdBoard link, your Ad is also shown below your direct

Referals' Ads.

This viral process goes 6 levels deep and infinite width, so

there is no limit to the number of people you can refer,

generating hundreds of thousands of page views and keeping

your Ad visible at the top area of the page indefinitely.

These Ads get even better CTRs making it a great way to

promote your money-offer AND generate additional viral

traffic at the same time.

They do have paid options where you can pay a small fee if

you chose to highlight your ad and make it stand out more if

you wish.

I just took the free ad, because it works great the way it

is, you just got to share your link a bit to get the ball


I like it, so decided to share it because I think it can be effective.


Mikael Gustavsson

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