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Discover the Benefits of Joining Live Good: Affordable Health and Wellness Products and a Profitable Business Opportunity! Live Good is a health and wellness company that offers a wide range of products at affordable prices. Their product line includes supplements, beauty products, weight loss solutions, and even healthy coffee and shakes. They also offer a one-time membership fee of $49.95 that allows members to receive even more discounts and the opportunity to earn an income through their business. As a member of Live Good for the past month, I have been impressed with the quality and affordability of their products. I am also impressed with their professional approach to health and wellness and their commitment to making it easy for individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of the things I appreciate about Live Good is their recruiting system. They follow up with tour takers and do an excellent job of explaining the business to them. Additionally, their pay plan is very attractive, offering weekly fast starts, multiple bonuses, and monthly pay, as well as extra incentives for members. The company also hosts regular online calls to help members learn more about the company and its products. Another aspect of Live Good that I appreciate is the wide range of products they offer, which are all reasonably priced. They also do not have any product purchase requirements for members, which is refreshing compared to other companies that impose such requirements. In my experience, Live Good is a legitimate company with great support and a member-oriented approach. Their products are high-quality and affordable, and their business model is highly profitable. Overall, Live Good is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness and earn an income. Their low-cost, affordable products and flexible business model make them a great choice for anyone looking to start a business. Mikael Gustavsson

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The Best Hedge Against Inflation Money Can Buy

Published on 03-02-2021 09:03:49 AM by Mikael Gustavsson

The Best Hedge Against Inflation in Troubled Times Fiat Money Can Buy and why gold belongs in everyone’s portfolio… despite its recent weakness.

One of the biggest issues facing investors is unprecedented money-printing by central banks.


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"Please refund my money!"

Published on 04-12-2020 12:04:47 AM by Mikael Gustavsson

I see it frequently.

Something called buyers remorse.

A new lead watches a video, gets excited, then wants to quit as soon as they make their payment and things become real.

“Did I really just pay money to join a business?”

“Wait, I have NO idea what

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This is a Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity for YOU?

Published on 03-18-2020 08:03:13 PM by Mikael Gustavsson

This is a Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity for YOU to Personally Partner with Me (Rob Fore, a 7-Figure Producer) and My Partners to Take Your Business, Income & Lifestyle to the Next Level

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Success.... however you measure it - health, wealth, wellbeing does not wait for you...

Published on 02-22-2020 12:02:48 PM by Mikael Gustavsson

It is there whether you are ready or not....

Procrastination, fear, excuses, blame, challenges, problems... they are ever present...

The bigger question is are YOU positioned to over come them or stood still HOPING something will turn up?

Don’t be 100% reliant on

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The gulf between the LEFT and RIGHT of the CASHFLOW QUADRANT is as wide as your understanding....

Published on 02-18-2020 05:02:14 AM by Mikael Gustavsson

Self Employed Online Marketer....

“Oh but Mikael I am making money work for me....

I bought a second hand car for £20 000 cash using the income I made last year selling Vitamin pills to friends and

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Published on 02-17-2020 01:02:49 PM by Mikael Gustavsson

It’s ok Mikael... I’m going to wait....

- I’m going to wait until something turns up
- I’ll wait for my pay rise
- I’m waiting for that promotion
- I’m waiting for my 65th birthday ?
- I’m going to wait for more information
- I’m going

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Global Debt will surpass $255 TRILLION at the end of 2019....

Published on 12-10-2019 11:12:23 PM by Mikael Gustavsson

most of this has accrued since 1999.

That's 3x Global Economic Output.... and equates to EVERY man, woman and child on the PLANET holding over $32 500 of Debt.... and its increasing.

How does this affect you and your children?

Simply it places pressure on YOU and your ability to

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Published on 12-09-2019 05:12:33 PM by Mikael Gustavsson

In 1987 a man named Rick took his entire life savings of $16,446.48 and bought 96,744 shares of Microsoft stock for $0.17 per share.

Risky business I know.

Rick had a gut feeling that this was his ticket to create generational wealth even though his friends and family were telling him

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Why do YOU own Gold in 2020?

Published on 11-24-2019 09:11:44 AM by Mikael Gustavsson

As a hedge to see your Asset value increase over time?

As a store of value to protect your future purchasing power in ANY currency?

To create financial sovereignty and choice the rest of your life? Even a legacy?

All the above?

In the end us humans have very short

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Your running out of time!!

Published on 10-14-2019 07:10:33 PM by Mikael Gustavsson

You want to get a founding position Today!

We been shouting it from the roof tops this whole past week..
Now is your time my friend!

Go Go Go, it is Launch Time!!

You want to be FIRST, there will be a

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