Health Is Wealth and Food Is Medicine

Published by Michael Anthony — 11-22-2023 04:11:28 PM

No matter how much money one may have, it does not compare to having good health.

We all want more money but what good does it do if you don't have health? Not a lot, right?

So I been on kind of a small crusade to inform more people to become healthier since most of the food we buy in supermarkets is actually poisonous.

You really have to read labels these days, not just the cover titles which are misleading. 

I created a blog about eating "superfoods" and other health related things, called, to help get the word out.

Or to just refer friends and family to when they ask about more info on some of this stuff.

I was not doing so good around 2016-2018. I was not eating good and I was drinking a lot of beer. 

As you can imagine, I started not to look or feel so good neither, and I did not like it.

 Then, a video about the seed oils most people cook with totally changed my view on what I was eating (Seed Oils Not As healthy As You Think). 

As an avid cook myself, that video sent me on a new path towards better health on how I had been eating and cooking.

My blood test results have greatly improved since then and I look much better than I did. All from just changing my diet. 

What did I change exactly?

I mostly cut out processed carbs and alcohol. Started eating only grass-fed and finished meats, organic vegetables, pasture-raised chicken and eggs, wild caught fish, and take high quality supplements.

I started getting more Omega-3s in my life, and not the ones from the supermarket neither. Buying the right kind of Omega-3 supplement is important as well, so I wrote an article about it HERE.

Oh, and I refused statins from my doctor who wants to pump you full of those unnecessarily, because cholesterol is NOT the problem they say it is!

After many years of useless lipid panel testing where my doctor only went by total cholesterol numbers, I started doing my own research on this and redirected how I want my own healthcare to go. (Most doctors don't do their own research anymore, so YOU have to!)

After showing my doctor my own research numbers, using past test results, my doctor is now ordering up-to-date tests I requested, which he never even knew existed. We can now see much more useful information and accurate numbers to go by for the first time ever.

I now believe and live by the mantra: Food IS Medicine!

One company I buy quality but very affordable supplements from is called Livegood. You can see a video I made about why I love their products HERE.

I recommend you start by researching this guy: Dr. Fred A. Kummerow. He was the first scientist to bring trans-fats to government attention in 1957, but he was mocked and ignored.

In 2017, the government announced the banning of trans-fats in foods, effective Jan 1, 2018. It only took 61 years for Dr. Kummerow to be proven correct! He died soon after this announcement at 102 years of age.

I hope this message helps gets you started thinking about your own health if you have not thus far.

To your health,

Mike J Anthony

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