Its A TRAP đź’Ą

Published by Michael Anthony — 12-29-2023 02:12:21 PM

This trap is the biggest and most common pitfall of would-be entrepreneurs today.

It's sometimes called "Analysis Paralysis", but I like to call it what it is:


Fear of failing...

Fear of being judged...

Fear of not being able to handle success...

Fear of offending people...

Fear of wasting time and effort...


We all have fear, but it’s the successful people who feel the fear and do it anyway.

They don't let fear stop them, and they use the fear to push them to do greater and greater things.

My mentor James is a living example of what you can achieve when you take action in spite of fear.
It wasn’t luck that catapulted him from suicide to success.

It was a lot of hard work, struggle, embarrassment…

And a whole lot of sucking at things at first.

But because he didn’t quit, it allowed him to become a 7 figure earner in under 5 years from trying to take his own life…

He did have one thing going for him though.

He had time.

He worked online day and night for up to 16 hours a day.

He struggled for months trying to make his first commission.

There were many days that he wanted to quit and give it all up.

But he didn’t…

He pushed through and today he is in the 1% of earners online.

It would have been so much EASIER if he had a proven path to follow.

He doesn't want you to have to struggle like he did.

That’s why James created the RPM training and group.

This is the system, training, and support James wishes someone had given him back in 2017.

"I've combined EVERYTHING I spent years learning into this system and created something never done before thanks to a new technology you will discover in the free group."  ~ James Neville Taylor

It really does make it so simple a 3 year old could do it…

Prove us wrong.


Jump in today, you’ll be glad you did.


Mike J Anthony

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