The Dumbest Business Move I Ever Made

Published by Michael Anthony — 04-18-2024 09:04:02 AM

Back in 2013, when most people still didn't know or care very much about Bitcoin, I had joined up with this company that had put together a small group of investors to start a Bitcoin mining farm.

Back then, I was still very leery about Bitcoin, trying to decide if it was just a passing fad or not. Bitcoin had just made a new all time high of $1125.

After checking out what this company had to offer, and considering the price of Bitcoin was around $900 at the time, I decided to join the group and purchase a Bitcoin full hardware mining node for $4000 + $200 per month for hosting/electricity fees.

Hardware nodes are just specialized computers built to do specific tasks, such as solve complex computations on the blockchain and help secure whatever network its running on. 

In exchange for the resources used to help secure the network, node owners receive a reward, or a piece of whatever is being this case, Bitcoin!

Since Bitcoin is Proof-of-Work, nodes were very labor and energy intensive than what is available now. That's why I was paying $200 per month to cover those costs so my full hardware miner node could do all the work mining 1 full Bitcoin per day!

After I buy the thing, Bitcoin continued to go down in value for an entire year, while I was paying $200 per month in hosting/electricity fees. After a year of losing money, I thought it smart to get rid of my node, so I sold it back to the company I bought it from in 2014.

There was a clause in our purchase agreements that if we did not want the node after 12 months time, the company would purchase the node back from us at our option. I chose to cash in this clause after 12 months time.

By then, Bitcoin was under $200 and I thought I made the right decision.

Little did I know that Bitcoin was going to go to $20,000 by year-end 2017. This was by far the biggest, dumbest mistake I ever made -- but it was also my first experience with what blockchain nodes are.

On the flip side, there was no guarantee that Bitcoin wouldn't have just kept going down right out of existence either. Those are just the chances we take, or not take...I happened to have made the wrong decision at the time as Bitcoin is now over $60,000!

I really didn't know what I had in my hands at that time, or else I would NEVER have sold my Bitcoin hardware node. I'm sure I couldn't buy it today for under $100K, though I had paid $4000 for it back in 2013.

Today, understanding what "nodes" are from that bitter experience I had, it really interested me what this company I recently partnered up with is doing, called Connect United.

They develop SOFTWARE NODES (no hardware necessary) around brands in lucrative, in-demand fields and then build out those brands on the blockchain itself.

So I tried signing up for a Connect United account, through my affiliation with another company that I had joined with over 2 years ago, but rarely even logged into the dashboard.

When I finally did log in, there was this link to Connect United in my partner dashboard.

When I first saw it, I was wondering what that link was, so I clicked on it and I could not sign up because it said I needed a referral. "sponsor" in said affiliate company, where I would have gotten my referral link from, had already been arrested and convicted for participating in their own fraudulent activities elsewhere, so was no longer available. Such is my luck, I thought...

The message said I could obtain a link from their Connect Discord channel. I then had to find other partners to get a referral link from, so I could join Connect.

So I go to their Discord channel...Discord being another place I hadn't logged into for a couple years...and pretty quickly got a link from another partner so I could sign up.

But before they gave me a link, they rightfully asked why I could not get one from my Sponsor, which is the proper way to get one.

I told them that my sponsor had been arrested for creating and participating in some fraudulent scheme of their own some time ago, so that was a very good reason why I was suddenly there asking for a referral.

By chance, and I did not know it at the time, I had also got in touch with my upline's upline's upline, who had also confirmed to me that my sponsor was removed for fraudulent activities they were out there doing on their own.

So this upline person had also offered me a referral link, but I already had one by then from the Connect Discord channel.

So now I finally have a link and I was able to sign up.  I found out that Connect United is a software development company. They build valuable brands and connect them to the blockchain, where people have a chance to own the associated software-based nodes they create and develop.

They are also aiming to be "the #1 Blockchain company in the world". Pretty lofty goals and I like it!

This company is 8 years old and I have never heard of them before. So they do all this pretty quietly.

I came across this completely by accident as I was browsing through the affiliate company's portal I had been completely ignoring, and not even logged in for a long time, and I was actually looking to shut down my marketing activities as I was so tired of losing money all the time.

Honestly, what really made me take a closer look was that I saw over $500 in commissions siting back there that I didn't even know I had. I just mentioned how I never even logged in and was completely ignoring this.

When I first signed up with SNAP Partners a couple years ago, I actually did a little work promoting at the time, so those commissions were from back then! I didn't even know I had been paid something!

So I was able to immediately withdraw the money to my bank account! WOW!! I was completely NOT expecting those commissions.  

Ahh yes, MONEY, being the great motivator that it is...I decided to take more of a look-see into what is going on these days!

That's when I saw it!

I thought to myself: "What's this they got going on here with blockchain nodes and such?! I've got some experience with that!"

So please, check out this 5-minute explainer video about their nodes and such and do yourself a favor and get yourself a Connect account.

==> Watch This 5-Min Explainer Video Here

And here is the direct link to enroll in Connect as you need to be personally referred:

Live Blessed,

Mike J Anthony


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The smart node software creates a decentralized network of computers that perform computations, confirms transactions, and secures data.

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