How To Earn Digital Rewards from Blockchains in High Demand Markets

Published by Michael Anthony — 05-30-2024 01:05:24 PM

I know something about this from first hand experience because I actually "mined" Bitcoin myself back in 2013-2014.

This Bitcoin "mining", I mentioned, means that I used to get a small kickback, paid with daily Bitcoin, for helping to confirm millions of Bitcoin transactions through the use of special computer hardware node called an Application Specific Integrated Circuit, or ASIC.

Whenever my ASIC computer was involved in a transaction, I was able to automatically "win", or "mine", a small portion of Bitcoin, shared with other miners, for providing this service to the Bitcoin Network.

This is because my special computer is helping the Bitcoin network stay secure by processing transactions and keeping track of these ledgers digitally.  That is how miners make money doing this.

Not knowing how valuable Bitcoin would become at the time, I sold my Bitcoin mining computer.  However, this device would have needed frequent updates and further overhead because it was hardware-based.

Today, I earn digital rewards, much the same way, through other networks with their own branded blockchains in high demand markets using SOFTWARE resources, called "Smart Nodes".

These software-based Smart nodes do the same job that more energy-intensive hardware nodes used to do, only better and way more efficiently.

So I have partnered up with a blockchain software development company who develops these blockchain nodes. I just buy them and run them like digital "employees".

Once these software-based Smart nodes are purchased and placed online, they automatically generate daily digital rewards for helping to secure and confirm transactions for their respective networks.

These digital rewards could turn into BIG dollars as their networks potentially grow in size and usage.  How big they can get is anyone's guess.

That is exactly how Bitcoin went from an obscure, misunderstood technology that had ZERO dollar value to the fastest growing asset ever created, which is currently worth over $65K per Bitcoin!

That is exactly how my Blockchain mentor Billy Womack was able to turn a $15K grubstake into over $10.2 MILLION dollars simply by owning software nodes in the video gaming market.

I cannot tell you that future digital rewards will be worth anything. We simply don't know. If you KNEW that bitcoin would go from $0 to $65K, you would not be reading this right now!

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