Greatlife Worldwide Review: The New #1 Network Marketing Lifestyle Company

Published by Jonathan Weberg — 02-26-2024 12:02:44 AM

There is 1 new network marketing company that has begun to take the world by storm. GreatLife Worldwide has become a true network sensation and through this review you'll learn everything about this new platform. We'll walk you through detailing the Great Life Worldwide compensation plan, the quality of the products being sold, and much more. Keep in mind that this review comes from a proven source, as we are customers and the #1 team in the entire company.

What Is GreatLife Worldwide?

GreatLife Worldwide is a platform focused on personal development and health products available worldwide, with a particular emphasis on the USA, Canada, Mexico, and many other countries soon. It offers a variety of high quality life-improving courses and health products - with a lucrative income opportunity program designed to appeal to Network Marketers.

The platform stands out for its comprehensive approach to personal development, extensive resources, and expert-led courses covering mindfulness, skill growth, and relationship building. The compensation plan is highlighted as one of the best in the industry, offering substantial earning potential for both top performers and novices without hidden fees. While there have been minor challenges during the rebranding phase, they have been quickly resolved. Overall, GreatLife Worldwide is endorsed as a top platform for personal growth and financial success by a seasoned industry leader.

How Does It Work?

You begin your journey with Great Life by taking a free digital tour. This tour or walkthrough gives you a complete overview of how the entire company works for both network marketers & customers alike. From the tour you are able to purchase a membership at Greatlife worldwide that costs initially $49 and then just $20 per month after that in which you want to sustain your membership.

Pricing & Costs

There are 2 main membership levels.

1. Free Tour Taker - Completely free to lock in your position - no strings attached.

2. GreatLife Worldwide Member - Costs Upfront $49 and then only $20 per month.

Products List

Physical Product List

PhytoZon – anti-aging formula, retails at $45 a bottle

Stem Cell Release Factor – “release millions of stem cells” for an “anti-aging process”, retails at $49 a bottle

TransferFactor – “cellular immune support”, retails at$45 a bottle

Cherry Blaster – energy drink powder, retails at $45 a tub

Pure-O2 – “activated liquid oxygen”, retails at $45 a bottle

AcaiPlus – antioxidant supplement, retails at $45 a bottle

Keto Fat Burner – “metabolic ketosis support”, retails at $45 a bottle

ProCleanse – “healthy gut cleanse”, retails at $45 a bottle

Clear Heart – “promotes healthy circulation”, retails at $45 a bottle

Get Juiced – “high-orac cellular nutrition”, retails at $45 a bottle

Wild Conk – “super immune concentrate” essential oil blend, retails at $45 a bottle

PureAquaMins – “cellular hydration”, retails at $45 for two bottles

Nu-Derma Gold – “anti-aging serum, retails at $45 a bottle

6-In-One Cellular Superfoods Complex Formula – “super greens” supplement, retails at $45 a tub

Digital Subscriptions

Personal Fitness Digital Subscription – “You have 24/7 Access To Your Professional Fitness Trainers & Workouts on any device, via your app, smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer”, retails at $45

Financial Education Digital Subscription – “provides a number of e-books, audiobooks and courses designed provide information only”, retails at $45

Personal Chef Digital Subscription – “a digital culinary treasure trove for food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs alike!”, retails at $45

E-Library Digital Subscription – a “digital treasure trove offers an extensive range of on-demand content”, retails at $45

Women's Group Digital Subscription – “a specially designed program to empower Women around the globe”, retails at $45

Celebrity Life Coach Digital Subscription – retails at $45

The subscriptions for Great Life World Wide are monthly, products can also be put on auto ship if you want.

GreatLife Worldwide Compensation Plan

GreatLife Worldwide pays commissions based on recruitment of memberships sold, products sold, and much more. There are six affiliate ranks within GreatLife Worldwide’s compensation plan that you may "rank up to" upon meeting certain milestones.

Here are each of them with their respective qualification criteria that must be met to hit each rank.

  1. Affiliate – sign up as a GreatLife Worldwide affiliate
  2. Silver – recruit three affiliates and generate 30 BV or more a month
  3. Gold – recruit five affiliates and generate 60 BV or more a month
  4. Platinum – recruit nine affiliates and generate 90 BV or more a month
  5. Diamond – recruit twelve affiliates, maintain 90 BV or more a month and generate $10,000 GV a month
  6. International Diamond – recruit twenty affiliates, maintain 90 BV a month and generate $25,000 GV a month

BV stands for “Business Volume” and is generated by product purchases. 30 BV essentially equates to one product purchase.

BV can be generated either by an affiliate’s own product purchase or that of a personally referred retail customer who places an order. It's important to maintain BV volume every month if that's budget able for you. If you want to become Diamond and International Diamond, up to 60% of required GV can be counted from any one recruitment leg.

Recruitment Commissions

GreatLife Worldwide affiliates earn $20 per affiliate recruited. This exists for all members regardless of your current rank.

Residual Commissions

GreatLife Worldwide pays residual commissions via a 2×16 matrix. Then the 2×16 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix with two positions directly under them. From these two positions form the first level of the matrix. Levels three to sixteen of the matrix are generated in the same manner, with each new level housing twice as many positions as the previous level. Positions in the matrix are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of GreatLife Worldwide affiliates.

Residual commissions are paid as a percentage of affiliate fees and product purchases across the matrix.

  • 3.5% is paid on monthly affiliate fees
  • 30 cents is paid per product purchased

In order to unlock all sixteen matrix levels, you must recruit three affiliates and generate 30 BV a month.

Matching Bonus

GreatLife Worldwide pays a Matching Bonus on recruitment commissions earned by personally recruited affiliate.

This includes direct recruitment commissions and ongoing monthly matrix recruitment commissions.

GreatLife Worldwide’s Coded Bonus

Coded Bonus tracking starts at the Silver rank. At this rank an affiliate is paid $3 per product purchased down 2 x infinity matrices created. These matrices start from the third recruited affiliate and covers every affiliate recruited until Gold rank is qualified for.

  1. Qualifying for Gold unlocks Gold tier Coded Bonus matrices, counted from the fifth personally recruited affiliate.
  2. Gold tier Coded Bonus matrices are 4 x infinity in size and pay $3 per product ordered.
  3. Finally we have Platinum tier Coded Bonus matrices. These start from the ninth personally recruited affiliate. Platinum tier Coded Bonus are tracked across 8 x infinity matrices and again pay $3 per product ordered.

Diamond Revenue Sharing Bonus Pool

GreatLife Worldwide uses 1% of company-wide sales volume and places it into a lucrative Diamond Revenue Sharing Bonus Pool.

International Diamond Revenue Sharing Pool

GreatLife Worldwide also gives 1% of company-wide sales volume and places it into an International Diamond Revenue Sharing Pool.

Monthly Lifestyle Bonus

GreatLife Worldwide affiliates who generate set monthly revenue group targets get a Monthly Lifestyle Bonus.

  1. generate $5000 GV a month and receive $100
  2. generate $10,000 GV a month and receive $200
  3. generate $25,000 GV a month and receive $300
  4. generate $50,000 GV a month and receive $500
  5. generate $100,000 GV a month and receive $1000
  6. generate $250,000 GV a month and receive $2500
  7. generate $500,000 GV a month and receive $5000"


Who Is The CEO & Founder Of GreatLife?

Greg Gunderson is the CEO & founder of Great Life Worldwide. Before it was known as American Nutrition, until they did a rebrand of the entire company and decides to launch the digital model of their business.

Final Thoughts On Great Life Worldwide

GreatLife Worldwide is an incredible company that will be profitable and positively effect their customers for many decades to come. We give it 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend you join our #1 GreatLife team as soon as possible.

With my kindest regards,

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