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Published by Moses Negron — 07-07-2019 08:07:31 AM

When has there ever been any network to Value Everything you do on their platform?  This community is unlike anything else you have seen, or ever will.  ORU gives access to money-saving benefits and various online tools that you use every day while providing the highest security on the planet to conduct your daily life.   What is truly unique is that ORU gives back to all members for their participation.  ORU is empowering people, and much more so coming between June 28th and mid-July 2019.

ORU Lite is on track to turn on June 28th. Everyone will be given the opportunity, banked or unbanked, to be a member of ORU. As the Lite member accumulates $34.34 by their participation, they will immediately be converted to a Premium Member and able to request their ORU Visa Debit Card, having all access to the financial tools.

ORU Media View will turn on at the same time or quickly thereafter. Major companies are waiting for this to happen so they can then pay ORU to be able to place their ads in ORU. As a member, there is no obligation to click on ORU Media View. If you chose to watch any of their ads, you will receive participation points.

All the revenue from ORU Media, which will be substantial, will be given back to the members and their participation.

With ORU Lite and ORU Media, we expect a great number of people globally to become members.

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