Anonymous Ads

Published by Mrs Ray — 12-16-2018 11:12:26 AM

You don't need to pay for fake clicks and impressions.

The transparent Bitcoin advertising network that doesn't collect any personal data about its users.

You can even choose specific publisher sites out of the complete catalog of websites.

Or you just pic categories without picking specific publisher sites.

Advertise in any niche, all topics including crypto, gambling and adult ads allowed.  NOTE: You may get fewer publisher sites to choose, as some ban these topics.

With over 121 Million impressions and 200K clicks on the ads from all over the world in a day.

After your campaign is created, you can adjust its parameters, deposit any amount and check the statistics of your running campaign at any time in your account.

It takes less than a minute to create a new advertising campaign. No registration required ...

Just try it out.  * CLICK HERE to Create an advertising campaign  * since 2011.

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