When I am Most Happy

Published by Patra Buels — 07-14-2018 09:07:06 PM

right now I am sitting at my pc and I am blogging and posting banners and text ads and reading email

notifications as they come in, Oh and wait I am listening to some Smooth jazz on my Spotify channel.

And hold on, there is a nice rain storm going on right now too and I am calm and so laid back 

Because I am working from home and listening to the click of the keys as I type and I notice that this is when I am

my happiest, for years I worked in corporate America and was always so uptight because I always felt like I was fighting

a losing battle,  everybody fighting for the golden key to the executive bathroom and for what? More agony and disrespect

Need I say more. I am sure most people have been there and are so tired of that rat race you don't know what to do, and I 

feel you!  Oh hold on my honey just brought me a bowl of popcorn and a drink, oh heck I am really happy now.

I could stay here and talk to you all evening but I am going to chill right now and want to invite you to do what I am doing

right now and that is being happy You see I found this wonderful opportunity that is allowing me to live this relaxing life

it is called Nowlifestyle and I get to make a difference in peoples lives, I help them get healthier and get paid. So take a few

Minutes and step on over to the Bright side you will be writing me back telling me what you are doing that makes you happy.

To Your Success

Patra Buels

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