When July Turns Into August

Published by Judy Daus — 07-26-2017 06:07:58 PM

It has been my practice to take time in July to
update ads at all the mailers, TAE,s and TE's I
am a member of.  This will probably go on to
August since the summer has been so nice &
I agreed to watch granchildren 4 days a week.
(What was I thinking)

I also go through my stats to see what is working
for me and what is not in my business.

It is really going over my business plan and
adding and subtracting.  At this time, I will be
doing more subtracting and reorganizing.

Now, for everything I mentioned above I could
have added a link to a product I use!!!  Instead,
will tell you I was still able to do promotions
using the sites like Referral Frenzy that send to
other mailers from the site.

Remember, this type of service is a great time

And I am excited that HotListMailer is back as
as a Relaunch.  This site has always been active
and responsive to offers through the years I
have used it.

Yes, I do use these, also.  MailerityRedRocket
and ViralMailProfits.

I will let you know later if I missed one later.

Check out any of the sites mentioned by
clicking the name and especially HLM since
a lot of marketers are unfamiliar with it.


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