I Am Not Complaining But...

Published by Judy Daus — 07-29-2017 07:07:44 PM

....it took me over 20 min Friday to approve all the ads placed on my
traffic ad exchange...InstantCashEngine.  There were all types of ads
placed from various members.  I actually enjoy approving the ads
because I get to see any up and coming programs, mailers, etc that
members are promoting.

As I stated in my last post, I am cleaning up my ads at all the sites
they are on.  Found quite a few bad links (shame on me) and made
them good again.  I even found 2 on LeasedAdSpace.

So, I am still not through and then I have to clean up autoresponder

Hope if you are reading this that you keep yourself organized.


Should you want to join ICE, I am adding 50,000 or more credits
(depending if you are FREE or paying) to new members accounts.

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