Here We Go Again Using The Conversion Pros for Sales Funnels!

Published by Nathan Gurley — 07-23-2018 10:07:20 PM

The Conversion Pros 

Today has me back at The Conversion Pros working on sales funnels for the first time in a while, but please allow me to take a step back.   I began a 90 lesson course on list building at Get Response, which is a well known autoresponder company.  Over the years, I have studied these things, but as technology changes it is good to stay on top of the latest trends.

In the second lesson (and I knew this was coming), it said to start a blog.   I have had blogs in the past and have had success, but it does take a good bit of work.  One of my successful posts was about The Conversion Pros, and I had people from all over creation asking me questions.  On one hand it was easy to whip up a professional sales funnels, but I found it somewhat cumbersome to navigate.  Nonetheless, I maintained my membership because it continues to pay for itself to this day.  Somewhere along the way, The Conversion Pros added WordPress blogging for the members.

So here I am.  Starting a new blog on The Conversion Pros, about The Conversion Pros!

There are two things lately that caught my attention again.

1.) The TCP Lifestyle Funnel - CLICK HERE to see how cool this is!   Actually, this funnel is for those who wish to make money with TCP.  Other funnels are for people who want to use the TCP tools to build their business, and their are plenty of pre-made ones available for popular affiliate companies.  At one point, I was making some nice change with TCP and got a W2 for my efforts which actually helped out at tax time.  Nonetheless, it is fun to help set up funnels for people and I'm ready to ramp up my efforts.

2.) A friend is using TCP to promote a new debit card called "Simple".    I just got the card in the mail today - New friend sent me $1 - I went to a gas station and bought a Tootsie Pop for .27  - Simple put $20 in my account!

Like I mentioned earlier, there are many people and companies using The Conversion Pros to help build their business.   They have funnels for specific companies and they have generic ones in various industries that you can customize for your situation.  If you are interested, I am more than happy to provide a sample for your business.


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