Webtalk is a New Social Network that Pays You!

Published by Nathan Gurley — 09-12-2018 06:09:15 PM

Webtalk is a new social medium platform growing
with 250000 members in two weeks.

The company is willing to give 50% of its
revenue to the 1st 1million people to
register to be their co founder.]

It's on prelaunch and will pay $1 for each
invite each month when pro version is

Imagine you invited 500 users with your
link, you get $500 each month for life time.
It closes after 1Million registered users.
You are to pay nothing! 

It is a life-time wealth opportunity.
Hurry up space if filling up!

Webtalk is endorsed by Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank!  

Watch This Video: 




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