Mustard seed

Published by Nathan Wheeler — 02-14-2024 01:02:54 PM

Today, not because it's Valentine's Day, has been a little bit of a struggle...

My online businesses haven't quite panned out as I had hoped, but doing better than I thought I could. But more than that, we are still struggling with credit scores to buy my grandmothers house. So, waiting for all this to start falling in place has my faith about the size of a mustard seed. But thankfully, the Lord only asks that we have faith even as the size of a mustard seed. The mustard seed is the smallest seed in the world and barely visible to the naked eye. 

It's with that hope in the Lord, that all I need is a mustard sized faith, I carry on. 

If your faith has been pushed back, beaten down and crushed...I pray for your strength and resilience to push forward. I pray for your courage to look up when beaten down. I pray for your determination to face your giants and slay them with the armor of GOD! 

I declare in the name of the Lord, this mountain shall move and mountain, if you wont move, be prepared to get conquered for I have the faith of a mustard seed and my God is GOD to make it happen.

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