9 Reasons Why You Should Start From IM Niche

Published by Andrew Nexti — 12-18-2018 06:12:24 AM


Many gurus say the IM niche is overcrowded and advise that newbies should start from non-IM niche. I beg to differ.

Here are the reasons why Internet Marketing niche is the best niche for anyone trying to start an online business.

1. Easier To Build A List

Probably millions of people are looking for ways to make money online or help them improve their online earnings. They are so eager to learn more and get more that if you have a pretty good offer, they will grab. Hence building a list in the IM niche is a lot easier than other niche.

2. Lots Of Alternative Traffic Sources

If your website is in non-IM niche, your traffic sources are usually limited to the followings:
– mainstream advertising, such as Google ad, Facebook ad and other advertising network;
– search engine traffic, which is getting harder for new sites;
– social media marketing;
– niche forum promotion.

But if your website is in the IM niche or make money online niche, there are so many alternative ways to bring in traffic. There are tons of traffic exchanges, autosurf, soload network where you can get traffic cheap or free. As your list expand, you are then in a better position to network with other list owners and do some JV. This brings us to the next point…

3. Easier To Find Traffic Partners

The best free traffic is referral traffic. In IM niche, you can easily find other webmasters willing to do cross promotion..

If you have a good product and an affiliate program, it is also a lot easier to find JV partners to promote your product.

Compared to if you are trying to promote a health website for example, finding JV partners often mean sending emails to other health bloggers and most of the time, you know where those emails end up in.

4. Your List Can Easily Become Your Traffic Partner

If your website is in non-IM niche, your list are likely to be ‘consumers’, not ‘marketers’. Granted, if you provide good content/product, these consumers may tell their friends and your website may spread like wild fire. But that usually do not happen at the infancy stage of a website.

On the contrary, if your website is in the IM niche, your list are likely to be other IM marketers who also have their own website and list. If you have a good product and an affiliate program, your list can easily become your affiliate and send you traffic. This is very important because as your list grows, so is your traffic partners. It eventually causes a snowball effect.

5. You Can Easily Be The Next Guru

There are so many new developments in the IM niche every now and then. When I started, there was no Facebook or Pinterest. Those old gurus whom I followed in the old days, some are now no where seen. New gurus are emerging every now and then. What does that mean?

It means YOU can easily be the next guru. Keep learning the rope and up your technical and marketing skills. Get to the front of any new development and soon, you will be the next guru.

6. Lots Of Products To Promote

As I said, there’s so much development in the IM niche that you’ll never run out of products to promote. You will also NOT run out of products to develop!

7. Tons Of Opportunities For Lateral Expansion

The IM niche is huge. It includes topics like website creation, blogging, traffic generation, advertising, copywriting, SEO, social network and even web design and programming. When you are successful in one area, you can easily start another website in another area and leverage on your existing traffic to quickly ramp up the new site.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to learn the ropes. What’s important to know is once you’ve learnt it, the opportunities are unlimited. The IM niche can easily keep you busy for the rest of your life, and make you very good money! ...

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