Bruce Lee's advice for you

Published by Nigel Williamson — 03-07-2017 03:03:16 AM

Bruce Lee's my hero.

He can help your marketing as much as your

ability to knock a man out in the blink of

an eye.

He said...

"Absorb what is useful, discard what is not,

add what is uniquely your own"

Great advice.

Very true in the online world and a good

way to cure information overwhelm.

Take on the good stuff, ignore the crap and

then make it your own.

He said "Be like water"

Because water flows around EVERYthing.

It adapts, it flows and if anything gets in

the way... it goes around the problem.

And when it can't, the water pools and

grows stagnant.

It's not a healthy place to be.

Just like your list when it stops 'flowing'.

What do I mean?

A healthy list isn't just numbers, it's

a 'live' pool of people that ebb and flow.

People join and people leave.  

Out with the old, in with the new.  

Like water, as soon as your list stops flowing

then it starts to stagnate.

It's not healthy for your business.

Even your loyalist of subscribers grow tired,

they know you inside out and while they still

like what you say... they know what you say.

Your emails keep the old subscribers on the

right track, the straight and narrow.

New subscribers on the other hand, they hang

on your every word.

You're the cool kid on the block and they want

to know everything about you.  They want your

secrets to success.

They're the flow of water that brings live to

your list.

They'll open your emails first thing and click

on all the links.  They're super-keen.

It means adding new leads, fresh meat and new

names to your list MUST BE an activity you do...



One more time, EVERYDAY.

Without fail.  And the better the flow, the

more zero's you'll see on your bank balance.

That much I know.

As for Bruce, he'd be 72 if he were alive today.

Flowing like water, still kicking butt and

giving out the best marketing advice.


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