All Thoughts Are Energy

Published by Nigel Williamson — 03-17-2017 03:03:09 PM

All Thoughts Are Energy 

Every thing you se do or have is energy, it is around you, and it is you.

This is fantastic to think about are world of energy, you know it but maybe you have not thought about it, you can feel it if you go in to a room filled with people that maybe are talking about something Negative, or just they are all feeling bad, like in a waiting room at the hospital.

Everything around us, we have with our thoughts brought into our lives in some way or a another, to live our lives we have to respect 528mhz the frequency of love, Healing and growth. You might not agree, or you might not want to admit that we are energy beings.

In life every thing we se or hear, is translated to our brain as signals just like a radio, and radio signals travel from A to B in a line and penetrates all in it’s way going threw steel and bricks.

Our minds and thoughts travel in zig zag over the entire world. And the universe changes to give us all it can to for fill out thoughts and our desirers. Therefore we can create our tomorrows and draw to us the things we desirer.

To become a marketer and work online you need to train your brain and mind every day, and also, we need to ask our selves who do we listen to? And the answer is the people that have the things that we desirer, and by reading books 15 min a day at the minimum you surround yourself with people that have what you want and these people become friends that you socialise with, your income is a average of the five friend you socialise with.

And That is how you change your life as it is today…

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