working online can be like any other work

Published by Nigel Williamson — 03-19-2017 06:03:07 AM

Sometimes working online can be like any other work that you do everyday,

It wares you down and I do get sometimes frustrated with all the people that I try to help but just don’t take this seriously, they think online marketing is just a hobby by the side, but for me it is not I work every day with marketing and try to help people change there lives and get away of there 9-5 jobs.

But ok grinding 3-4 hours a day is not like a 9-5 at all, and I do fined time to do other things, and today I decided that this sunny Sunday, I am going to do something that I love to do and show you dreams can come true… I will get my Mercedes out of winter storage and show you.

I have always hade a love for Mercedes and most of all the 2 door coupe, a W114 Model from 1970 and min is original that means that it has not been restored and I think it has the original paint on it, Mercedes are a real nice car to drive, even the older ones, the quality and technology is fantastic.

Just having one or before I got mine, I just looked at pictures and hade my dreams like everyone else, I just could not afford to by one and being a father of 7 children with for of  them living at home with the ages of 8,7,6,5 the help me dispose of my funds in a fast and effortless way.

I have a friend and he to loves Mercedes, and has one or three ;-) and one day he asked me if I would follow him to look at a car, yes I said, and of we went to see this car that had been I a garage for over 18 years… Wow it is a Mercedes coupe that we both loved, the deal was made and we got the car home. All the brakes where fixed and the car was brought back to life.

The Mercedes 250 c was alive and working well but my friend did not like it that much, he says that I is a manual gearbox and he likes the automatic so he wondered if  would like to buy the car… at a GOOD price… ahhh YES please… and it is now mine, and I have tow more that fell on me… that is called “ The Law Of Attraction “ and yes it works…

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