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About Nils Hansen


About me: My name is Nils Ellehammer Hansen, sometimes called Ellehammer especially in Denmark where it is a famous name. Most of the time I am Nils. I don’t like to hide behind names. I am 80 years old and after various bad things happening in my life, going bankrupt, losing my pension, losing my wife to cancer and other, smaller things like leg ulcer for 2 ½ years, I am up and running again. My professional life it was a long series of management of projects. It was like «have computer, will travel». I worked in most West-European countries. My field of expertise (helping others with their projects) became smaller and smaller and finally, it all stopped. I still have my MacBookPro and started in the field internet marketing, a task that I have taken on in order to continue helping people earning money and for my own survival. …and here I am a Red Diamond, one of my 4 remaining projects, The others are PowerLeadSystem, InternetlifestylePros, FutureAdPro and E1Up and others.

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