Guaranteed Email Open Rates For your Offers

Published by Joey George — 10-20-2017 11:10:27 AM

Today's viral mailers have an average open rate of 13%, and all of these are not interested in your offer, they simply want to get credits.

Do you know why so low conversions? Because many emails never reach the inbox, and those that reach, go to Promotions tab in gmail, which always has a very low open rate.

Introducing Viral Wrench from Coversine LLC!

They provide an awesome and above 50% open rate, and ensure your offer emails are always delivered to Primary tab in gmail.

A powerful back-end email infrastructure, is what makes this possible.

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Come see why Viral Wrench is The Deal Maker and get the quality traffic and signups you deserve!

No wimpy affiliate commissions, trinkets or bs. You get access to a carefully managed list by an experienced owner, who cares about your results.

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