Would You Have Done This?

Published by Olaf Weiland — 02-25-2023 08:02:24 AM

Quick question for ya...

Let's assume that you had a job

paying you 20 bucks an hour...

and you were working 30 hrs/week.

So you were pulling in 2400/month,

roughly. But you hated the work.

And then one day, thanks to a nice

email list that you had been growing,

you shot out a quick little email

promoting a product you enjoyed...

And you ended up earning 300 bucks

in affiliate commissions that day...

Would you have called your boss

and quit your job on the spot?

Or would you need a few more of

those 300-plus days to convince

you? Would you give notice?

Just curious. :)


>> Here's Today's Recommendation!

May it help you on your path

to that phone call.

Talk soon,

Olaf Weiland

Woebs 47, 23715 Bosau, Germany


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