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My name Is Osmaan Mooraby and

I am a professional trader with over 5 years of experience trading Futures and Derivatives contracts

I specialise in market analysis, trading strategies and risk management

I have a deep understanding of technical indicators and market dynamics

My trading style focus mainly on low risk management, taking into account both volatility and market conditions

I strive to build consistent profits by capitalising on both short and long-term market trends

I also provide a paid service by offering profitable trades/alert/signals and educate my clients on the best approach to trade cryptocurrency

My goal is to provide profitable trading signals and help my clients grow their portfolio


I’d Love to invite you to my exclusive private FB community, where you can connect with like-minded crypto enthusiast and discuss about crypto currency

This group is the perfect place to network and get daily updates about the latest trends and news in the crypto space

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Learn More About Me Here - http://OsmaanMooraby.net

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