How To Start A WordPress Blog With Blue Host

Published by Osmaan Mooraby — 05-28-2018 04:05:23 AM

How to Start A Blog With Blue Host In Less Than 30 Minutes (Even If You’re Brand New)


  • A domain name this will be the name of your blog i.e
  • A web hosting account (this is where your blog will be live on the internet )

Let’s Get Started

Starting a blog may appear to be terrifying to you, particularly in case you’re not the most well savvy individual on the planet. In any case, one of the most straightforward approaches to begin is with bluehostand WordPress, so here’s precisely how to start a WordPress blog with bluehost.

Find A Niche 

Find a niche that you are passionate about for example : Travel , motivational ,cooking, fitness, personal development, forex trading, bitcoin  or simply your own lifestyle where you want to share your story and passion to the world.

Select A Name

For me my blog is about my lifestyle and personal branding so i have picked up my name as my domain name, you can get ideas of what name you want to pick depending on the niche

you are going to select.

Get A Domain And Web Hosting

I highly recommend Bluehost as bluehost is one of the largest leading web hosting providers and has over 20,000 new customers every single month.

Step 1

Click Here To Open Bluehost

You Need To Click On The Get Started Now “Green Button”




Step 2

Select A Package 

I recommend to select the $3.95 Basic if you are going to have only one blog/website, however if you would want to host unlimited website then the Prime package is highly Recommended.


 Step 3

Choose Your Domain

Bluehost offers a free domain of your choice when you purchase a hosting plan, that’s a huge saving of $14.99 per year compare to other hosting company that charged for a domain name

Step 4

You need to enter your information and on the package information, i suggest you choose the 36months plan for huge savings and the best value, you don’t really need any of the add-on you can uncheck them

and once completed you will receive an email from bluehost for you login details and password



Step 5

Installing WordPress


Click Install WordPress To Begin Installation, you will be prompted to select your domain for installation, select your domain and click the Next button to finish the installation.


Step 6

Congratulations, your wordpress has been installed and your blog is now ready to use.

You should received a welcome email with your login and password


Step 7

Your WordPress login URL should look like this:

Click on the WordPress login link to login to your dashboard

Your dashboard should look something like this

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