LIVE life on your terms.

Published by parinita shashidhara — 07-25-2017 04:07:56 AM


The NowLifestyle brand is NOT about 6 pack abs and sexy bikinis. However that may be your ultimate goal. So many of us, myself included have had several negative experiences in our lives that has caused us to make bad decisions and alter our "life's path"

As these experiences build up, your once positive outlook on life causes many of us to self destruct for literally decades. Some people start smoking during the stress of exams in High School or College. Some woman gain

 weight after the stress of giving birth and raising their first child like "super mom"..

Others give up completely because they are Uber Ambitious and put unrealistic expectations on themselves which only leads to certain failure and negative and destructive thought patterns.

Our outer shell, is a direct reflection of who we are internally. is about fixing that outer shell and spiritual inner being through positive re enforcement, education, exercise and by being surrounded by people who lift you up rather than bring you down.

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