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So, about me...landed on the planet in 1948 and will never retire! I've made lots of money...and lost it all as well. It's amazing how one simple error can snowball into a financial disaster. I'm sure some of you reading this know that feeling. But!! never ever give up...if you're reading this and feel like giving up you're welcome to connect with me and we can have a chat and get you feeling positive again. There's ALWAYS a way through any challenging time. I know, I've been there. Things I do: studying Forex, learning about Crypto and I've been creating a 7-10 year plan as a Legacy for my family. Family?...yup! the age of 70 I became a dad!...amazingly my gun still works! :-) She even looks like me...poor thing... Anyway, back to work stuff... I've had several years in the wilderness, lost money, scams, broken promises, all the usual stuff I'm sure you've also been through...slowly coming out the other side. But what a fkn journey...I don't recommend it! So, if you're a bit lost take a look at what I have and if any of it appeals you're welcome to contact me To start check the most recent blog post about more traffic. Then there's a friend I have known for about 6 years who's become an expert on the Blockchain and Crytpo. He's a shrewd bugga as you'll see from some of the info I've used. You can read more about Belal at The Legacy Plan is something I've created and is simply gathering together several proven money making business and using them as stepping stones. The best part is the last section. Over the past 2 or 3 years I've gathered contacts who can help you create a strategy where you can minimize your tax totally, in some cases pay none. It's always a pain paying tax...but it's a bigger pain when the figures are large and you suddenly realise you could make a lot more if you'd been able to use that tax money! To start reading about this plan you can visit And if you want to contact me via facebook here's the page:

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Ways to Get More Business

Published on 02-11-2021 06:02:53 AM by Philip Selwood

For the attention of all business owners and affiliates for any MLM…

Don’t you often wish you had 100’s more other places to advertise your business?

And what if you were able to give away incentives like: 7 inch wifi tablets, Touch MP4 players, Premium quality

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