I have begun to sell stuff online.

Published by Pierre D... — 08-03-2020 01:08:43 AM

I have begun a side hustle, online selling, to bring some extra money in. I do work full time, but I just want an extra stream of money/hobby. I first started with selling books online. I'm able to get books for under $0.25 at garage sales or monthly book sales and am seeing how they sell online. I recently was able to fill brown paper bags with books at $5 a bag. One of those bags I was able to fill with 10 games (9 PS2 games and one PS3 game) that need to be resurfaced, so I'm not sure how to go about selling these yet. 

I first started selling on mercari because it is super simple to use and the fee is currently 10%.

Check out my items for sale on mercari I currently have books and some hdmi cables.

I have some stuff for sale on ebay but their fee is higher(add in paypal fee) than mercari. ebay charges a min of 15% for selling books and media... BUT ebay has a massive amount of users (potential buyers)!

Check out my items for sale on ebay I currently have some brand new led lighted 4k hdmi cables.

I will soon try selling some stuff on Facebook marketplace because depending on how you sell the item the fee could be 0% to 5%. Selling local would eliminate the need to ship the item and let you either charge the same or remove that shipping cost to give the buyer a nice discount.

I'm still new at this, so I will see how this goes. Wish me luck!

Sidenote check out pirateship.com it is free and a great website to join to ship cheaper than what the post office charges. Ebay  has the same prices but doesn't have priority cubic. Mercari shipping prices are all over the place. Find the cheapest and best way to ship while also finding the lowest fees.

Good luck if you are also starting online selling as well.

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