Turn 5 XRP (Ripple) into OVER 140,000 XRP

Published by James Johnston — 05-05-2018 05:05:31 PM

FIRST ever RIPPLE based crypto program

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Timing is Everything

- Ripple is just sitting at under $1 ($0.86 to be exact) in value right now and is set to EXPLODE in 2018!

- Ripple is one of very few cryptocurrencies that the banks, government agencies and the powers that be..."like" and "support". (I say that loosly but you get what I mean hopefully)

- Remember what bitcoin did last year in 2017? Ripple is doing it this year.

- People realize the IMPORTANCE of owning as much XRP as possible and see this program as a beautiful, easy and FUN way of doing it!

- Start for as little as 5 XRP (Less than $5!) and leverage your earnings to receive over 140,000 XRP while promoting and gaining access to VALUABLE PRODUCTS haha crazy right?

- People are tired of the games that don't last and have no lasting value.

- NO ADMIN FEE (A program by the people for the people)

- Automatic upgrades with automatic re-entries both out of earnings so you NEVER miss out and NEVER get passed up.

- Automatic withdrawals!

- Valuable products at each level

- Get started even if you do not own any ripple (XRP)

Get in while XRP is Cheap and Before XRP Explodes

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