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Published by Rajesh Kotian — 08-12-2021 02:08:02 AM

The greatest MLM launch of 2021 just happened!

Dear Fellow Marketer,
  What is best way to earn #bitcoin? You can certainly buy some with cash! A much more cost-efficient way to get Bitcoin would be earning or multiplying it!
  Today we would like to introduce a unique opportunity to you which will help you to build passive income but also earn you commissions by referring new members in this review.
Elevate Pass 
Elevate Pass offers ad packs that will generate weekly cashback profit through stable income sources like crypto trading.
You basically buy an advertising pack starting with only $10. For each pack you will receive an advertisement credit on the platform.
You can use the advertisement credit to promote anything you want on their crypto news portal.
How do the Ad Packs work? 
Each package will contribute to a Trading Fund which is based on Crypto Trading.You can earn up to 3% weekly cashback profits on your packs!
Every package expires after reaching 200% profit. This also includes your weekly cashback profit, direct referrals and matrix commissions.
Example: You buy a $100 worth of ad packs. Your maximum earning potential on this pack is $200. 
How does the Compensation Plan work?
Elevate Pass has a very easy to understand Compensation Plan. There are three different commission types:
Direct Commission [10%]Matrix Commission [1.8%]Career Bonus 

Be part of something bigger:
 ⁃ Transparent team with years of experience in cryptocurrency and network marketing.
 ⁃ Buy ad packs starting with $10 only.
 ⁃ Receive up to 3% rewards weekly.
 ⁃ Very competitive compensation plan.
 ⁃ Very lucrative career system.
 ⁃ 2 x 22 matrix that can fit more than 8M members.
 ⁃ Get 10% direct bonus and 1,8% from all your matrix members.
 ⁃ Join the Elevate Foundation and support children all over the world.

Viral Report

Register - https://lllpg.com/l1ggz3b3

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