$50 Worth of Free Advertising on a Great Traffic Site

Published by Rajesh Kotian — 02-16-2023 01:02:17 AM

We are doing a lot of work with everyone over in our Facebook Group this month, all about building income consistently.  To get us started on some promoting straight away then I decided to introduce group members to Free Advertising For You.

I’ve been using this site for quite a while and am getting some great results from it.  What better way to start our month of income building than with a $50 free advertising bundle to promote any program.

Free Advertising for You is a busy, busy site with a lot going on over there.  So here are a couple of videos to help you get started using it:

This one shows you how to get the $50 ad package for free:


This one shows you how to send a solo ad, along with some great tips I have learned over the years of using traffic sites:


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