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Published by Rajesh Kotian — 01-02-2024 02:01:45 AM

Below are the details and earnings on my Ads By UAP account.   

Sponsor - @Ellie

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Proof of UAP ADS earning By My sponsor 

Have you joined Ads By UAP?
If yes what is your balance today?
When you upgrade here you will earn $2 a day with NO REFERRALS, with 1 upgraded referral you earn $10 per month and $3 per day. It takes just 6 upgraded referrals to earn $300 per month 😉

May be an image of money and text that says "General GeneralStats Stats Advertiser Stats Charts Earning Balance Stats Balance $156.5674 Purchase balance $0.36 Pending Withdrawls $220.39829 Payments Received Active PU180 $116.58989 0 Points 0.00 pts"

There are around 46 of  $0.04 ads available daily (sometimes there are more but not less).

It takes me about 1 hour per day to click all these ads.


As there are so many of these ads it means with NO REFERRALS you can earn $2 a day as an upgraded member.


This is very important information: 





This is why you should advertise your referral link on Team Build Machine! 


To add your advert to this site you should click the ADVERTISE button at the top of this page. 

Choose the type of ad you want to use, purchase the advertising, then use the ADVERTISER PANEL to add your advert. 



Note that you will earn at least $60 per month from a $50 upgrade with NO REFERRALS.


Pay that $50 once and it pays for itself every month AND you will have $10 per month extra left over.  $10 a month might not seem like much BUT it would pay your way into our team builds system where you can earn over $3000 per month AGAIN with NO Referrals Required.

Ads By UAP


Register and Login to UAP


Back Office 

On top right corner Click Earn Money → View Advertisements

⚡ ADS by UAP

Link - https://ads.uap.company/view_ads

Click Here to find out more about how our Team Build System works.  


Although you can earn a great income with no referrals, you should also look at this information:


With EACH referral gained, you will earn 50% of their ad clicks on Ads By UAP as well.

This means you can easily earn $10 a day if you have just 10 referrals......

(50% of $2 per day = $1 x 10)

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This is incredible..... it is the easiest way to earn $10 a day I have ever seen online.


You Can Also Earn A Very High Level Monthly Income with Ads By UAP


You will ALSO earn a monthly amount of $10 on EACH upgraded referral on your level 1, $4 on level 2, $2 on level 3 and $1 on levels 4 to 7.
So if you get just 1 referral who then adds 1 or 2 people, and they add 1 or 2 people your monthly income can literally go off the charts.


Let me do some calculations to show you how this income grows......using a real example!

I personally have 315 referrals on my level 1.

Most of these referrals have come from advertising on Team Build Machine.  


IF each person upgraded I would be earning $3150 per month.

I would ALSO be earning $315 per day from their ad clicks.

That = ANOTHER $9450 per month


I ALSO have 259 people on my level 2.

IF they all upgraded I would be earning another $1036 per month.


I have another 81 people on my level 3.

IF they all upgraded I would be earning another $162 per month


I have another 8 people on my level 4.

That adds another $8 per month.


So right now, at this moment, I have an earning system that can pay me a total of $13,806 Per Month for clicking ads for 1 hour per day........


I want to teach YOU how to earn like this too. 

I want to teach you how to get referrals, and to help you to get referrals from this site too.

This is NOT an unrealistic income...... but it does not happen overnight.


If you never start, you will NEVER reach this kind of income.  


Start today, join for free, click ads daily AND PROMOTE YOUR LINK ON TEAM BUILD MACHINE. 

You can and WILL earn more and more with each referral you get. 

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