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Hello Friend,
My name is Robert David Smith and I live near BRANSON, Mo
I am sixty-six years young July 4th and yes, a fire-cracker baby, LOL...
Leased Ad Space is at the cutting edge of positive changes to introduce the
New Rising WAVE of Ad Blogs...SOLOs here also become SEO indexed as a blog post
SOLO Ad-Blog POST and MORE to come...
For example >>> http://trackr.leadsleap.com/No-More-Excuses-for-ya-now
Keep your eyes moving and your mind open...
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
In 2007 I began to search for a way to make income from the internet.
I discovered that safe-list mailers were a very good way
to contact like-minded folks without spamming.
I have used viral safe-list mailers
primarily for my promotions and I AM adept at most all aspects of
so contact me if you are stuck. I can help you
or I probably know someone in
this industry that can
I have been there and understand the challenges, frustrations
and disappointments.
Do not give up,
contact me because I can help and equip ya
In what ways can I
help you?
Do you need help or wanna learn about any of
G Mail set-up , Password managers ,Ad copy,
subject lines and signature , HTML ,
Tracking , Pay-pal and other
currency vendors,
CTR % (Click-Thru-Rate Per-Cent) , Email marketing ,
Down-line building and equipping your team,
List Building and follow-up ,
Auto Responder Email Marketing Services,
Automation services videos and
soft-wares for...,
Video creation, curating, editing and distribution
Auto-Log-In with password vault
Down-line Builders
Viewing Maximum Websites efficiently
Acquiring points, tokens, credits etc,
Sending hundreds of mailings semi or
fully automated,
Prospect follow-up tools
Word Press
Plug-ins and add ons
Copy writing
Copy writing using P L R
P L R (Printed Label Rights)
Product Creation
Program Launches (private insider info)
(how to make the leader-board)
What was I doing/working on
I am a Founder here at Leased-Ad-Space
for a couple reasons:
I trust co-owner Richard Weberg and his vision to take
marketing blogging advertising to the next level(s)
I am recording my daily online activites for sharing
with team members (compiling content for misc sites)
I also am doing quite well with LeadsLeap2.0
(launched February 2016) and they also use blogging,
text ads in their SYSTEM that sends only 1 email daily.
Started with MyLeadGen Secret...
All of the above and much more
This is the SEASON that I give back
what I have learned...
What can others expect if they work with me?
I do check my email and Skype on a regular basis
and am always happy to respond within 24 hours.
Need some info about some aspect of marketing?
At this time any info I provide is FREE until such time that
this information is compiled, edited and formatted for
an e-product or a membership site.
In Your Best Interests,
Robert D Smith
Skype: rdsmithco

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