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Published by Richard Daigle — 05-24-2021 06:05:31 AM


Health is Wealth!


Hello Friend,

This is Richard Daigle and I have just discovered
a program that has been flying under the radar!
They have been paying for over 14 years and
providing great support to their members.

Introducing DETOX CASH!

The Product:

Veloci-Tea is a herbal tea packed with 5 ingredients
that detoxify the body from toxins we breath, drink
and eat. It is medically recommended and members
report feeling the effects after just a day or two.
Listen to a medical doctor talk about how detoxing
your body with Veloci-Tea brings so many benefits.

The Cash Program:

For a one-time cost they send you 2 months worth of
Veloci-Tea (with Free Shipping) and place you in a fast
moving 2x2 cycler which is filled by you, your upline and
your downline. So you definitely get help filling it. When it
is filled they send you $140 and automatic reentry to
do it again and again. All your referrals follow you in the
next cycle!  Plus they send you another 2
month supply of Veloci-Tea to use or give as samples!

I am excited about this program. We all know that health
is wealth and to make residual income for life with a one-
time cost and get, use and give a real health product that
everyone needs...is PRICELESS!


You can pay immediately or find Detox Cash Manager
link in your back 
office and pay there,

If you join me in Detox Cash and take the one-time upgrade
I will place you our exclusive Team Rotator to help everyone
fill their cycler fast. You may also promote the rotator too:


If you have any questions, you may email me below,

Richard Daigle

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