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Published by Kim McDaniel — 05-11-2017 08:05:30 PM

Greetings Wellness Warrior!

Many of us are living a lifestyle categorized by going through the motions and experiencing minimal highs and lows. I was reminded of this when my homeschool daughter graduated from high school. She was so thrilled that she was practically doing  cart wheels! I saw her ecstatic, bouncy behavior, but it was her words that have stuck with me:

"Why in the world do people drop out of school? If they could feel what I feel right now - the sense of accomplishment and pride - they would absolutely stick it out. It is such a tremendous feeling - I wasn’t expecting it to impact me so strongly - but I feel great!"

Granted, these are the words of an up and coming young lady, on the cusp of adventure, challenge and growth, but the reality is - aren’t we all??? Which of you, dear readers, can already predict the outcome of tomorrow? Is not everyday a surprise? A new gift?

When and why do we get off of that cusp of Great Expecatations?  

Why do we so willingly give up on our dreams? Even our dreams and assumptions that we will live Long and Strong?

Who sold you the bill of goods that states as you get older you must deteriorate? I am telling you that choosing to live a life of quality and energy is a reflection of the hundreds of choices you make throughout each day. Here are some choices that just pop ino my mind:

* Taking the elevator instead of the stairs
* Standing on the escalator instead of walking on the moving stairs
* Circling the lot for a close spot instead of taking advantage of the extra steps
* Sending someone else to get something for us from another level of the house
* Eating fast food instead of preparing slow food
* Watching 4 hours of television every day instead of exercising
* Watching television in a sedentary fashion instead of exercising while watching
* Watching television and devouring bags of junk food
* Eating and then laying down

I have to shake my head even as I am typing these words because I know many of you are thinking - Coach Kim just doesn’t know how hard I work, how tired I am - if she knew, she would grant me well deserved time off to rest and relax.

I am telling you, that I won’t. Here is why. The paradox of "rest" is that it just makes you want to do it more. One of the Laws of Thermodynamics (or Motion) says that an object at a state of rest will stay in that condition until something acts upon that object. This is a principle you can put all of your chips on. In other words, you are more likely to think, “I am so comfy, why should I move?” quicker than coming to the conclusion of, “Wow, this short nap was great - now I am ready to tackle the world!”

Certainly, there is a time and place fro a little R & R, but I promise you the more exercise you do, the more fit you will feel and the more exercise you will be able to do. And I do not necessarily mean a gym membership - I also mean, walking around, running errands, enjoying physical time with those around you - in a synopsis....                                

                                             Living Life and Living it with a Charged, Vibrant, Energetic Spirit, Mind & Body!

Here is the amazing truth that will be a catalyst to effect the change around you...

When you change your behaviors, you indirectly effect the behaviors of those around you. You always have a choice - move to the level that others set, or set your own pace and standard and challenge others to meet you at the top.

It starts here and it starts now - I don’t know about Stella, but if you are interested in Getting your Groove Back, upgrading your Energy Level is a great place to start.

I want to build a Wellness Relationship with you, so that I am not the only Wellness Warrior on the field. I have learned that the best defense is a good offense and I know that if you KNEW better, you would DO better. 

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   Coach Kim

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I am a Wellness Enthusiast and former CPT, US Army. I believe in living well, giving well and building thriving communities based on accountability and empowerment. I have a passion for knowledge, training, education and legacy building. I love kids because I see in them a potential for GREATNESS & UNSTOPPABILITY. As a Life Coach I am always seeking to re-connect adults with that same reality... "All things are Possible".