Natural Remedies in Your Kitchen

Published by Kim McDaniel — 05-13-2017 01:05:12 PM

 Could the Solution be Right Under your Nose? 

Greetings Wellness Warrior!

Have you heard the saying before,

"If it was a snake, it would have bitten you!"?

That is what people say when someone overlooks evidence that is right before their own eyes. And we all do it. Maybe it is because of too much familiarity, lack of  knowledge, or the tendency to take things (or even people) for granted.  Subsequently we often jump to more complex options which end up taking us around the mulberry bush. And then, in the end, we are still "solution-less".

Today we are going to look at the hidden health solutions of some items you probably have right in your kitchen.


The use of home health remedies as a viable alternative for treating ailments, conditions and diseases has become fashionable again.  There was a time when conventional medicine was the first port of call for most people, but we are "evolving into the past" and recognizing that we have plenty of simple remedies right in our kitchen cupboard.

Home health remedies, then are more often than not based on the herbs, fruits and vegetables that we either naturally grow ourselves or we buy in some shape or form from the local health food store.  These remedies are less of a strain on our natural environment and our financial resources, not to mention that they often work holistically, unlike conventional medicine. And another great feature is that they don't carry with them aggravating side effects that engender another whole crop of issues.

If you're looking to try some of these remedies then a good place to start is to treat some minor injuries and ailments. A common kitchen burn is often treated by placing the burnt skin under a cold running tap to stop the spread of the burn, which is what will happen if the burn is just left.  After the water has cooled and checked the spread of the burn, you can then apply some lavender oil which will not only continue soothing the burnt skin, but will then act as a barrier against bacteria and infection.

Another one to add to the home health remedies list is how to treat bruising of the skin.  Bruising is an indication that an area just beneath the skin has been injured.  Blood collects at the injury and this is what leaves the area black and blue. To help heal this a common and proven home remedy is arnica. Available from many health and natural food stores, arnica will help to shrink swelling and it aids circulation. In this way the blood that has collected beneath the skin is cleaned out by the body's own systems and the injury is healed.

Believe it or not even dandruff can be cured by a simple method that can be added to your home health remedies list. Apply a rinse of apple cider vinegar to the scalp and hair when washing and if at all possible leave it on for about 20 minutes. The apple cider vinegar will restore the scalp's natural pH level and your dandruff will be a thing of the past.

What else could you do to aid the effectiveness of the natural remedies you decide to use?

  1) Drink plenty of water -  about 1/2 your body weight in ounces
  2) Eat a balanced diet containing plenty of raw fruits and vegetables
  3) Get plenty of exercise. Find some activities you enjoy and commit to doing them regularly.

This adds up to you are taking proactive measures to put yourself in the the driver's seat - the best position to physically fight off and fight through any ailment, condition or disease that strikes.

Cheers to your Most Vibrant Lifestyle,
  Coach Kim ~ 
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