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Published by Renee Sullivan — 04-08-2019 09:04:02 PM

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How should we respond when someone we know makes a mistake that can potentially hurt an important project or can reflect badly upon us?

The first natural response is frustration … and expressing our frustration to that person may relieve us of the stress caused by the mistake.

However, choosing a different response such as showing compassion and curiosity, will get us more powerful results.

Put simply… our brains naturally respond more positively to empathy as opposed to treating others in a condescending manner.

Of course, our feelings of frustration are probably still there, especially when we know how that mistake affects OUR credibility and reputation. If we can somehow suspend judgment, there may be an opportunity to use this as a moment to coach or mentor the other person and build a more meaningful relationship.

By allowing the other person learn from the mistake and “save face,” we’ll be more likely to earn more trust or respect from them. They may be so moved or inspired by your kindness that they might do or say something to ensure that others know you handled things professionally, respectfully, and with integrity.

Being proactive in learning how to handle your own emotions is key.

I am personally learning how to step back and get in control of my emotions. By learning how to use discernment, I have more thoughtful and reasonable responses to situations. Meditation is helping me improve my own self-awareness and emotional control.

In this industry, it's so important to work on yourself daily. In doing so, it helps you develop meaningful relationships, and it's even more impactful if these relationships become long-term.
You are more likely to get people who stick around for the long-term if your system has been created to promote long-term results and long-term wealth.
This is why I created the Long Term Wealth Plan.
This part right here is essential in helping to work on yourself daily.
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