Why matrix sites are so important

Published by Renistien Brown — 02-28-2017 11:02:21 AM

Many may question the purpose of building a matrix

Is there a place in our daily living for this matrix system

At my conclusion I will appreciate your feedback

There are people who has objected to matrix building sites

Many who have objected and concluded that they are false

Those who claimed that they were ripped off

Statements made that it is a pyramid 

Yes it has the formation as a pyramid and always  developing

It is the structure by which life is design, someone  must be at the top

Examine things around you and observe that there must be a head

Matrix sites are important because  it is always growing 

It is like any life form , starts small and then grows daily

Just as any thing in life some live short and others live long

All depends on the quality of treatment for its survival

Ideas are thought of daily, some brought to reality , others are forgotten

Through  those in reality  we test there strength and ability  to serve us

According to how it is applied and duplicated  it will either develop or die  

We, humans as the head , we determine  by our action  the lifespan of an idea



All ideas can be made useful depending on it's use or cause

Remember  UNITED WE STAND   D  I  V  I  D  E  D   WE FALL

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