Overwhelmed and under uterlized

Published by Renistien Brown — 01-21-2018 10:01:55 PM

The main problem 

The length of time , the reasons as a form of excuse, the withdrawal of being persistent  are all components to neglect of positive action to success

The Cause

In today's world we are attracted to so many objects, opportunities, distracted by misleading and appealing invitations so we tend to lose focus and withdraw from our commitments


Some areas are family and friends discouraging us with negative and non supportive statements being unaware and not knowledgeable as to what we are pursuing.


lacking  that so needed support and communication to build the inner strength can bring us to a state of displacement beyond  our present thought sending us backward

The Solution

Subconsciously, I know that we are aware of our situation and need to correct it immediately

Several steps are necessary in order to accomplish what we want


It's important to keep a positive mind and firm actions

Link with people that support and encourage you

Speak  to family only when a question is asked and be brief 

Be consistent and persistent, learn to communicate and follow up 

Build a like-minded team

My  Reasons

Like myself, many of us fall prey to circumstances of similar nature

Hence the reason why I write this blog


My concern is to inform, reach and encourage your participation

Hoping that you will consider linking with me so that we  can 

strengthen and build in support and unity. 


About Renistien Brown


Just a pure heart of Gold . I always work towards the best , hence why I am here . We live in a limitless world filled with opportunities both good and bad, choice being ours to choose . Let's make use of the best when it is before us and share with as many as possible . We are all unique and deserve a life of freedom, so join me and remove the bondage . Seeing that little smile goes a long way, Thanks for the visit and hope to meet again