Published by Yvonne Maria — 04-01-2017 03:04:25 PM

My name is Yvonne, and the title of my blog I want to dedicated it  to all the women I knew during these last months.

These women are incredibile, they have  the power to move a montain and all of them  are my inspiration.

These big bosses women are mums, enterpreneur wifes, they are able to take care of their family aswell of their businesses.

They break their back morning to dawn day after day always with a smile on their faces giving out all kind of tips to help you improve building your business without asking nothing back.

They make you smile when you'r down and out...they are there for a simple chat even just to say HI THERE.......

I wish all of you to have the luck that I have, the luck of knowing these beautifull ladies

Take a look of this video and you will understand what I've been talking about..... good vision.....


About Yvonne Maria


i'm nearly 47 years old just got married a few months ago. I'm born in seychelles but grew up both in london and switzerland. I speak bilanguage english-italian. My hobbies are reading walking and sometimes swimming aswell. I discover the world of internet marketing through a friend of mine and from that day it was love from first sight..... had tried different programms and at the end i found finally the programms which has changed my life: CLUB ORENDA ONLINESALESPRO and MLM RECRUIT DEMAND. My 2017 goal is to help other people to build their future through internet marketing which is the work of the future.