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My name is Sharon Sandstrom, and I’ve been in the business of Online Internet Marketing working out of my home for the past 14 + years. I had not been extremely successful until approximately 4 years ago when I was introduced to a very special work-at-home opportunity. Actually, I joined this opportunity when it first launched, but like most Newbies, I gave up and quit because it didn’t make me a millionaire in two weeks!

Sad to say, for the first 4 or 5 years or so I fell for all the lies, hype, empty promises and “get rich quick” schemes” that are plastered all over the Internet. Furthermore, most people (95-98%) who attempt to earn an income from home, or start up a home business using the Internet fail because they enter with blinders on, and have no one to teach them the ropes. I’ve made all the mistakes, lost a ton of money and precious time doing so. I would hate to think I’ve made all these mistakes in vain.

Therefore, I will help anyone in need of Mentoring or Coaching (for as long as necessary) with their online business, at no cost whatsoever, in the hopes it will save them from making all the same mistakes I have.

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