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Hello :)

'tis me! surgreen!

While I do not know if this visit is by chance or design, please accept my thanks for being here :)

It is a BIG place .. you know..
this internet thing..

.. that fact alone creates both opportunity and difficulty for those choosing to earn an income online.

There are many paths to 'doing business' online and all of them require some learning and varying degrees of personal effort.

It is, with this brief statement, I wish to completely bury the oft held belief that financial success online is in some way 'easy', even guaranteed.

This is, quite simply nonsense.

If success was simply a matter of 'being there', we would all readily achieve the success we so desire

Regardless, of my sincere wishes that such commonly held falsehoods could be true, it remains a fact that it is not so!

Previously, I have recommended this site as a functional place to base your efforts online, I now recommend it less heartily.

Indeed, for reasons based upon marketing reality, I decided that the value presented at Leased Ad Space was less than I expected it to offer prior to becoming a member.

Please, also let me confirm that I am not criticising the Leased Ad Space site/business functionality/model in any way.

I use the resources here regularly and do value the links I establish here. I am simply stating that, my personal belief is that less marketing benefits are garnered from links posted here than had initially been hoped for. I certainly feel confident that many other individuals are utilising this site with more success than I have been able to.

That being stated, please read on below if you wish to continue further :)

I consider that I am now on a 'mission' to rescue individuals from the hype and false assertions typically espoused within the Internet Marketing community.

Please follow the 'Build an Income Online' link to the left to find one very real path to financial success online.

While I am certain that it it is not the only way to achieve such ends, I do know that it is a proven path.

The benefit of the live discussion group at discord. is itself alone worth the monthly subscription!

Thank you for your time, and please contact me directly if you have questions.

If I am unable to answer you directly, I shall endeavour to find access to those able to help.

As always..

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments :)

Peter Watson aka surgreen
Skype ID = surgreen

Please remember,
-my downlines success IS my business!-

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