What is our job as an Online Entrepreneur?

Published by Travis Breheny — 05-10-2018 12:05:14 AM

Remember your job as an Online Entrepreneur is to GUIDE, TEACH and provide a CLEARING for others around you to grow ?

It is about QUALITY, not QUANTITY.
You should rather work with 10 driven people who will stop at nothing to succeed, than work with 10,000 unmotivated people on your team expecting you to do everything for them ?

INVEST your time with those who are MOTIVATED, keen to learn, COMMITTED and will follow your LEADERSHIP then they will go out and build the team. If someone on your team asks you a question, instead of answering it, let them know where they can find the answer. Guide them - Don't baby them. When we are given information we do not retain it, but when we discover it ourselves we retain it. LEAD them and let them earn their success. If they do not search for the answers, you are wasting your time with them as they are not ready. A top performer knows where to INVEST their time. Your job is to find and provide space for your leaders to become who they have always wanted to be but ultimately, it is up to them ?

Focus on building those QUALITY relationships with QUALITY people and your business will sky rocket out of control! ?

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I am a father of four and previously a traditional business owner and now I am an online marketer. The reason I chose to be an online marketer was to have time and financial freedom with the ability to work anywhere in the world at anytime that suits me. I also want to inspire others to let them know that is also possible for you too.