Are wondering why you are not getting the results in your business you are hoping for?

Published by Travis Breheny — 05-18-2018 12:05:56 AM

If you are wondering why you are not getting the results in your business you are hoping for, this post is for you.

Guys, remember that no matter what affiliate marketing business you are promoting the answer is always the same.
You could be in MCA, EEC, MLSP, PLS, ACP, EPS or whatever. It is all the same thing.
If you want to get results you must be personal and be looking to provide value to the marketplace and be interested in what people want.

I have received a random message today from someone who I do not know and the message reads.."I just joined EEC and I watched your video and I need help making money with this system!!!!"....and he isn't even on my team!
I replied back with "Hi xxxx. How are you?"

Guys, if you want to make it online you must remember that it is a person that you are speaking to, not a robot. People with lives, struggles, accomplishments, challenges and dreams. People who need help just like you and I.
Be personable, and guys if you would like me to set you up for success please speak to me like I am a human being. I treat my relationships online like I do in real life, so if you can't say hello and hopefully ask how I am, or what have I been up to when speaking to me online then please don't expect to run a successful internet marketing business.

I love helping people and I will never stop doing it and please consider this as coaching and content rather than a rant but I just want everyone to get it. PEOPLE DON'T BUY YOUR BUSINESS....THEY BUY YOU!

Travis Breheny

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