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Retired Army Officer (22 yrs) and retired commercial Helicopter Pilot (16 yrs). Happily married to my beautiful wife since 1978. Have a married daughter in San Fransisco and a son working in Vancouver. I have a successful and growing team in Amway which I joined in 2002. I enjoyed the education system of Network 21 (Education arm of Amway). I understood the potential of internet based businesses and started searching since 2010. Well... I found some good ones.

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GotBackup Explained in Brief

Published on 08-16-2023 06:08:24 AM by Aditya Shiv

GotBackup is a revolutionary online backup and recovery solution that is changing the game in the digital world. With a no sweat interface, top-notch security, and exceptional customer support, GotBackup is quickly becoming the go-to solution for individuals

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Building a scalable income stream

Published on 05-17-2023 05:05:47 AM by Aditya Shiv

The Parable of a Pipeline is a story about creating passive income streams by building pipelines. 

Here's a brief summary of the parable:

There are two men, one who spends his time carrying buckets of water from a nearby

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Tips on Promoting Affiliate Liks

Published on 05-17-2023 05:05:29 AM by Aditya Shiv

Promoting affiliate links effectively requires a strategic approach to maximize visibility and attract potential customers. Here are some ways to promote your affiliate links:

  1. Content creation: Create high-quality content such as blog posts,

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I am in network marketing to earn Extra Income

Published on 05-08-2023 06:05:21 AM by Aditya Shiv

LiveGood continues to impress me week in and week out with
the momentum the business has globally.  Every week since
I joined back on January 4th, 2023 the business had

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Seeking and Recognizing a Reliable Opportunity is essential to success

Published on 08-17-2019 02:08:30 PM by Aditya Shiv

Our success directly depends on the “Information” that is fed to us through school, association, friends, books etc and “How we process it”.
Success in a career, relationships, income level, realization and satisfaction from life - all this is A CERTAIN level of

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