Reasons and Results

Published by Aditya Shiv — 08-08-2019 02:08:56 AM

Success in any field can be broadly attributed to

  • Reason – Everything that we put our efforts in has a reason be it education, profession, our life. Our decisions and efforts are based on reasons. Stronger the Reasons, better are the Results.
  • Results – We all look for a suitable path to achieve results. The ability to chose a right path and relentlessly pursue it is the key to success.

Let me elucidate 

In 1998 I saw the first genuine networking concept through Amway. No… I did not join then. Why?

Because with my pre conceived knowledge, I did not believe it will work in India and that is what I told my friend who had come all the way from Australia to spread the concept. (It is good to be sceptical)

I still remember his statement, “ I will not undermine your intelligence. Only Time will give you the answer. “

Some news here and there about Amway getting success in India caught my attention. Why? Because I had been introduced to some basic information and at the back of my mind there was this little thought “Theoretically the concept is good. What if it succeeds?”

In 2002, I joined Amway because there was hardly any financial risk. All that it required was use of unproductive time. ( My Reason. Was it strong ? You tell.)

Results -  Getting results depends on many things.

  • Mentor/Guide – I had two different groups who approached me to join Amway. One was a close school friend and other was just an acquaintance. I wanted to join my friend but my wife told me a very good thing. She said that you have to join for your success and all alone you can not get results. You need a good support. Check out where you can get good support.  What I did was simple. I asked my friend, who also was new, to answer some of my queries. He tied up with his mentor (Leader) to meet me. Three times appointment was set up and failed. Now I got to the other group and every appointment got proper response  even though my queries seemed silly even to me. The mentor handled my questions very pleasantly. I joined this group. A year later my friend was no longer in Amway.
  • System – Every business have evolved a system for success. My mentor was using the system and introduced me also to it instead of himself trying to keep brain washing me to put efforts. A good system gives you everything – motivation, education, information, vision and above all helps you to find your Reason to succeed.
  • Invest – Don’t be a sales person. Invest money in your business and it’s products, invest your time in seeking information, learning soft skills, time management etc. All these when duplicated, produces results.
  • Take responsibility and be answerable to yourself for all your decisions and actions.

Amway has helped me a lot and I have a successful team BUT……… It is not for everyone.

If you are looking for reliable wealth creation…….

 Welcome to the Digital Age! New economy! New game!

Ways of creating wealth have changed:

In the Agrarian Age, wealth originated from using nature.

In the Industrial Age, wealth originated from using machines.

In the Information Age, wealth originates from using information and knowledge.

To become rich you must master the new rules, the new opportunities and play the new game!

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Retired Army Officer (22 yrs) and retired commercial Helicopter Pilot (16 yrs). Happily married to my beautiful wife since 1978. Have a married daughter in San Fransisco and a son working in Vancouver. I have a successful and growing team in Amway which I joined in 2002. I enjoyed the education system of Network 21 (Education arm of Amway). I understood the potential of internet based businesses and started searching since 2010. Well... I found some good ones.