Seeking and Recognizing a Reliable Opportunity is essential to success

Published by Aditya Shiv — 08-17-2019 02:08:30 PM

Our success directly depends on the “Information” that is fed to us through school, association, friends, books etc and “How we process it”.
Success in a career, relationships, income level, realization and satisfaction from life - all this is A CERTAIN level of thinking!

My 20 years of search for a worthwhile, long term and highly rewarding project took me through a roller coaster journey till I came across Skyway Technology.

I worked on online projects which required investing but at the end I realized that it requires many paid referrals in order to earn. There are good programs like GDI, AIOP and SFI but every one is not cut for Networking business.  
Some projects promised good returns on invested money but they shut down after some time.
The main reason why 90% sites have a short life is - They don’t have solid PRODUCTS. 

It is a passenger and cargo transport system on elevated platform using string technology.
Main advantages

  1. Very low pollution. Uses solar and self generated energy.
  2. Up to 20 times economical to construct and operate.
  3. Pax capacity 50000 per hour
  4. Speed up to 500 kms.
  5. High safety

This 4 minutes video presentation will give you a fair idea

Watch the video

Skyway technology has partnered with SWIG (Skyway Invest Group) headed by Anatoly Khovratov, a multi millionaire and financial expert to raise funds for the project in 2014.
Most countries do not permit investment in shares so SWIG is selling “Financial Education” packages (Education packages are legally permitted all over the world) and giving pre-IPO shares as gift.
SWIG planned this using MLCI (Multi Level Crowd Investment) through 15 stages. 13th stage is about to be completed.
On completion of 15 stages, shares will be listed in LSE at min $1 per share.

A Techno-park has already been completed in Belarus (Russia) which serves as demonstration and testing ground for new products.
Their first project is progressing well in Sharjah - Dubai.
They have 300 MOUs already signed from all over the world.

Techno-park festivals 2016 -2018


  1. Register your account. Upload ID for KYC and get your account verified.
    There are 2 platforms. One is SWIG in which you get Skyway pre-IPO shares.
    Second is CRU Tokens (Cryptounit) which is also pre -IPO but already giving monthly dividends and will be listed in NYSE as STO (Secured Token Offer) by end of 2019.
    The rise in share value will increase your wealth and the dividends will give you a lucrative passive income.
    You don’t need to refer anyone in order to earn.
  2. If you can invite people who invest, you earn commission upto 3 levels even as a Free member

Registration / more information link

See this information also

It is a fund which has invested in more than 20 different sectors like Skyway technology, real estate, gold mining, stocks, education, oil industry etc. generating huge gains.

A lifelong monthly dividend which has already started, is the strength. The value of CRU too will increase and can be traded in the market after it is listed.

The information provided here is just a drop in the ocean. We encourage you to seek more information through Google, Youtube, webinars or asking questions.

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